Monday 7 December 2015


If only . . .

It's certainly not doing that outside here at the moment.  In fact it's so mild it is a no slippers and dressing gown morning and I woke to find myself on top of the duvet - and the window was a little bit open too!
Mind you, after all this rain in some parts, turning to snow would be a disaster.  It would remind me of that film, The Day After Tomorrow, which was scarily realistic in places.

On to happier things.  The dinner yesterday turned out fine.  Well, the Yorkshires were a bit of a disaster but they all got eaten anyway.  Slow roasting the small bit of silverside worked a treat and, with careful slicing, there was enough for three portions so guess what I'm having for dinner.  Yes, that's right!  I did what I am increasingly doing and cooked the meat early, let it sit for a while, sliced it and wrapped it first in parchment and then in foil.  It works beautifully!

I had a go at making a rice pudding in Thermione and it was OK.  I liked the flavour but it was a bit too thick so next time I will adjust the proportions of rice to milk.  It had added lemon zest and cinnamon and was delicious.

After the school fair, Beth and I have been busily planning what we will make for next year.  It's the 'pocket money' things and the kits that were the most popular so that's useful to know.  We are also considering taking a stall for the summer fair so if you have any ideas about what we could make for that, please let us know!

We've also had fun selecting items for Christmas gifts for friends and family.  It's lovely to give things we have made ourselves, giving loving time as well as the item itself.  I shall be sorting out my preserves too in the next few days.  It's about time some things were wrapped!

Today will be quite busy so I think I'd better stop now and get going.  Have a good one and stay safe, gentle readers.

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