Sunday 6 December 2015


This made me laugh.  Many apologies for the advert before it starts (if it shows) - I don't know how to get rid of it, being a five star technotwit.

Let's get the whinges over.  Right now - sore throat, coughs, splutters,  aching sinus.  In half an hour, after a good dose of caffeine and maybe a tablet or two, I shall be right as rain for the rest of the day!

Yesterday ended up very lazy.  I always have these plans and in the absence of any real pressure they remain just that - plans.  I ended up having a PJ day and I did sleep a lot which, I guess, reflects that I'm not quite 100% again yet.  There are now back to back cooking programmes on the telly which I rather enjoy and, of course, Saturday evenings are a delight.

There was something that kept me very busy all day though in a sitting down way.  I help to admin a group on Facebook that is about 'Feed yourself for £1.00 a day' - basically lots of frugality: recipes, hints and tips, etc.  It's a nice group.  It was featured in the Daily Mirror on Thursday although I'm not sure whether it was just online or whether it was also in the hard copy.  The result was that by Friday morning hundreds of people had applied to join the group (it's a closed group and people need to be added by Admin).  All through Friday and then through Saturday we were kept extremely busy checking people and adding most of them.  The group has grown by around four thousand people - yes, thousand!  No wonder we were kept busy.

Today, being Sunday, Beth and Alex are round for lunch.  I fished out from the freezer a small silverside joint (small because it is part of a bigger piece that I cut into smaller roasting pieces) which Alex and I will have and I found a recipe for Beth that I want to try based around red lentils and packet stuffing.  With it we will have roast spuds, Yorkshires and carrots.  Has to be carrots because they need using up.  I'll probably open a small can of sweet corn as well.  That will make a good lunch.

I don't roast beef much so I think it will be better slow pot roasted and because it is such a titchy joint it won't take all that long anyway.  I shall follow Jack Monroe's tip of using strong tea because I don't have any red wine.  In fact, most of the dinner can be made/prepared in advance which is just what I like.

Well, I'd better get started while the energy levels are high.  Caffeine first and then a kitchen sort out and some meal preparation.

Have a good Sunday and I do so hope you haven't been too affected by the terrible weather we are having at the moment.


  1. I love Simon's Cat cartoons and I don't think you can avoid the ads on You Tube.

  2. They are very good, aren't they! Very funny.
    J x