Wednesday 2 December 2015


I've decided to post a festive picture each day as a sort of Advent-y thing.  Here's the one for today, December 2nd

After a rough day yesterday I am very thankful for a day off today.  It's really just the voice which, when I use it, sets me off coughing - not nice when your throat and sides are sore!  But I will live and am fortunate that I don't HAVE to work today.
If I had been OK, I could have taken supply work last Thursday, Friday and Monday - people are dropping like flies.

It was a pleasant day thouigh, despite the coughs and splutters.  There's little more delightful than little children when you are not feeling so good and those wee Foundation Stage children looked after me beautifully, bless them, as did the TAs.  I shall say nothing about the show rehearsal in case parents are reading but they're in for a treat next week!

I don't think I have any specific plans for today until this evening when there are two governors meetings.  I might do some clearing up, etc, I'll see how I feel later on.  For now I think it might be back to bed with a hot drink and a book.  Bliss.

Food:  No idea right now but I might spoil myself with something indulgent from the freezer - steak or something similar!


  1. Hope you did spoil yourself with something lovely from the freezer, Joy. Poor you, the coughing must be horrible.
    Glad your pupils and TAs looked after you so well.
    GET WELL SOON1 ;o) S.xxxxx

  2. :-) I didn't bother in the end but that was my choice! :-)
    J x