Sunday 13 December 2015


This makes me feel warm and cosy inside!
Good morning, lovely readers, and welcome to the second Sunday in December, third Sunday in Advent.  Just imagine more of those candles lit for today!  It's not terribly festive outside, sadly - rain, rain and more rain.  We're in no danger of flooding round here but my heart goes out to those who have been badly affected and need some dry weather!

Yesterday my friend and I went off to Oaklands Museum, a local museum not quite in the centre of town.  It's not a 'big' museum but it has interesting local stuff from Chelmsford's past, plus other bits and bobs, such as photographs and an indoor beehive as well as an Essex Regiment display.  I particularly loved the Victorian kitchen display but has to look at it through a window as one was not allowed to wander among the display itself, which was a shame.  However, judging by a photo I found on Google (not showing as it has children on it), it looks as if they do school experience days.

This is the best photo I could find.  What a beautiful range!

Here's the house the museum is in and the bit to the right is an add on that was opened in 2010.  It's actually a very attractive building in a simple way and I'd love it to be my home.  Big, high rooms, not fancy but with plenty of 'period features', as they say, and grounds that are not ginormous but enough for a sit on lawn mower.  Most to the back is a football pitch and tennis courts but one could make a wonderful garden out of it.  There's a large semi-circular lawn at the front with some beautiful old trees.  All very attractive in a simple way.

I will go again at some point.

So that was yesterday's exciting high point!  Today is a stay at home day and Beth will be coming round for lunch.  With two vegetarians to cater for, I will also turn veggie for the meal and make some vegetable pasties with a selection of veg and roast spuds.

I have more to add but I think I will make it a separate entry!  Two for the price of one!


  1. I love a BOGOF read!! I could just eat a vegetable pastie, I could. I'm STARVING! I'm slightly hungover too ! Festive cocktails night was brilliant! I love museums like that. We have a wonderful old town house that I've taken kids to in the past, where we've dressed up and been chambermaids and then been taught in a Victorian school room!
    Sadly it's closing due to bloody government cuts. Grrrr.

    Have a lovely restful day X

  2. Festive cocktails sound wonderful. I bet the fuzzy head is worth it!

    The museum I have usually gone to is Braintree Museum and that's wonderful for kids. Oaklands could be more interactive and hands on but isn't really. Maybe, in time . . . I did love that kitchen though.
    You have a lovely day too - one week to go!

    J x

  3. The house looks lovely - have made a note to visit.
    My niece got married in Hylands House - I had never been there before and was delighted how lovely it was . We occasionally take our dogs there - fantastic fun for them.

  4. Hylands is beautiful, isn't it?
    The house isn't open as a 'house', it houses the museum displays. It's a shame in a way because it could be done up very nicely.
    J x