Friday 18 December 2015


Phew.  It was a fair old day yesterday.  I arrived at school to get set up for teaching early so I could go to the coffee and gateaux do in the hall only to find that there had been laptop issues so I had to spend time sorting them out as I needed access before I started teaching.  Then it was all go.  The children were tired and hyper-excited because of the disco after school and  I did a play duty for someone who was feeling very rough.  Many of my colleagues really do need a break - they are running on empty now and are utterly exhausted.

After school I walked into the disco prepared to do my little bit and the noise hit me like a solid wall.  I'd have coped with that as I can always turn my aids down or even off, but there were also flashing lights so I beat a hasty retreat.  I tend to avoid flashing lights as I had a few seizures as a young adult and while it hasn't been a problem for decades now, it is best to be wise!  There were three discos - one for the infants, one for years 3 and 4 and the last for years 5 and 6.  I should imagine the DJs were pretty wiped out by the end of the evening.

I came home to find a message asking me if it was OK to cancel the tuition I give on Thursdays so I had a free evening.

Checking the Radio Times to see if there was anything half decent to relax with, to my disgust there was not just one clash but two.  At 8:00 Eat Well For Less at Christmas clashed with Masterchef and after that DIY: The Big Build clashed with a Bake Off Christmas Masterclass.  When you think how many evenings there are when it is just rubbish, to have two clashes like that was frustration.  Thank goodness for iPlayer.

Eat Well is always enjoyable and the families they choose to showcase are always delightful but I can't help wondering how they manage to spend that much money!  I suppose if you will buy ten bottles of champagne at £30 a pop (when they have difficulty telling the difference between it and the Aldi Cava at under a fiver), it builds up rather quickly.  I didn't learn anything new about leftovers (which they always throw away, I gather) but the actual recipes looked interesting.  The idea of crumbling leftover pudding or mince pies into ice cream is one I have done myself (pats on back) and it does make a delicious dessert.

I was chuffed when they recommended what I always do which is prepping the veg early and freezing them to save time on The Day.  I reckon they taste even better that way and my carrots and parsnips are already in their chilly bed.  I have the spuds and just need to get then done.  I also make the gravy and other sauces in advance so they only need reheating.  After all, isn't that why God made microwaves in the first place?

Also interesting was Paul Hollywood's recipe for cheat's puff pastry.  Seeing as it can be made in advance and then frozen and it is a week until Christmas, I might have a go.  The Christmas tree bath bun thing is very like the mincemeat scrolls I blogged about a few weeks ago so I was again quite chuffed!

So I was a bit of a Hogwarts Express last night - chuff chuff chuff!!!

Today was is no alarm to wake me and no urgency to get up which is why I am down at six writing my blog.  I have to tidy the house ready for the cleaners this afternoon when  I will be off to the Carols By Candlelight service at school.  Then it will be an evening of relaxation (and some iPlayer).

Bliss . . .


  1. I watched this yesterday. I was flabbergasted.rhasted at the spend! I thought about 'fools and their money....'
    I've never ever made vegetable scones like they did but I'm def going to try them if I've any leftovers! I rarely do BC I cook just what we need - not enough fridge room for leftovers too!!!

  2. I enjoyed watching it and I suspect it was because they'd been through some tight times and it was a sort of reaction to that. I agree, the veg scones did look good!
    J x