Tuesday 29 December 2015


Funny, isn't it, how, when there's something to do, there's always something else to do that is more attractive.  Like playing that extra Sudoku game online or looking up some obscure name that has just come into your brain or - or - well, anything really!

Yesterday was a bit like that as the day went on but I managed to get quite a lot done anyway.

I finished off dealing with the turkey except that I just need to reduce down the copious amounts of stock into some manageable amounts.  After feeding nine on The Day, four the next, a large chunk for brother and another large chunk for my parents, plus slices for the buffet table on two days, the freezer has ended up with . . .
four single portions of sliced meat
three portions of turkey curry
one portion (I ate the other yesterday evening) of coronation turkey
five single portions of turkey chunks in stock
and loads and loads of stock.

That turkey was a good deal.

While on the kitchen/cooking thing, in the evening I had a go at Yorkshires made with the recipe Rachel told me about and they were an outstanding success, light and crunchy and delicious.  I used just one egg and it made enough for two meals (or one, if you're being piggy as I was).  I like that!  I will post about it on t'other blog.

As it was a lovely, sunny, breezy day I seized the opportunity to get some washing out on the line where it dried beautifully.  It's now all ironed and aired and needs putting away.

So, you see, it wasn't all idleness by a long shot.

In the evening I watched Mastermind and University Challenge, both festive versions.  Then it was Connect, which I am becoming addicted to, even though I am lucky if I can get one right all through.  So all very enjoyable.

Some of the Facebook groups I read are full of the bargains people have found in the supermarkets.  I am sorely tempted but I still have a pretty full freezer with all the post-Christmas additions to use up and it would not be sensible to go out looking too much so I am controlling myself.  What I do need to do is re-organise my upright freezer because that's where I put all the things for Christmas and I need to know what's left and what I have for New Year's Eve.  I'm not going to buy anything else, just use what's there.

My plans for today are to catch up with the washing (no chances of drying outside today, I suspect) and to sort out the fridge and the upright freezer.  I will have to go shopping at some point because I am right out of white bread flour but I will go to Morrisons as they now do strong flour that is only a little dearer than Aldi and  the petrol to get there would cost more than that.

Apart from that - who knows?


  1. Love all the new background and pics you really do put in some effort.

  2. Hi Joy - re freezer organisation - I have 3 (!)
    The best way I personally have found to keep tabs on what is in them is to use whiteboards. One for each freezer and kept down the side of each one.
    I bought them in Tesco and they came with rings to attach cord to hang up - but instead I have tied a whiteboard pen to each one - simples!

  3. Morning! I didn't go to bed until midnight as I was watching Peter Kay's car share! BUT I SLEP RIGHT THROUGH until 7.15, this makes me soooo happy! I feel so much more refreshed than after a broken night! Washing n tidying is on the cards for me today.

  4. Diane - thanks for your lovely comment. I like to change things now and again and I do try to make it all look attractive.

    Gill - great idea, I love it. I may very well follow it as I can add things when they go in rather than failing to remember to go onto the PC to add it.

    Rachel - that's great. I agree, it makes all the difference in the world doesn't it?

    J x