Tuesday 22 December 2015


This one takes me back to the olden days - I loved Dick Bruna books when I was a younger teacher.  You don't see his books around so much now which is a shame.
Well, it was an interesting day yesterday.  I was feeling a bit low in the morning and had a bit of a wibble (mostly on my own).  Beth and I did a try out of the table arrangements for The Day and I nearly had another wibble when the tablecloths wouldn't fit but Beth was more on the ball and suggested we turn them the other way so they did fit.  Doh!

Alex was amazing, helping so much.  He carried the Gopak tables from garage to house and then from house back to garage and he helped Beth to finish off the icing on the cake - and it looks lovely.

I did hours and hours of ironing.  I'd got a bit behind with my sheet washing and what with visitors and so on, the pile was rather high.  Never mind, it's pretty well all done now, as are the bedrooms, which is a relief.

While I sat ironing I had my 'last shopping list' within reach and each time I thought of something I wrote it down.

There were emails galore with changes to a complicated schedule that, I hope, makes things a bit easier and simpler for my guests.

And all through the day the weather got worse and worse and by the time darkness fell it was lashing and windy and just most unpleasant so I decided to make something delicious and scrummy.  I had some old sprouts that needed using up so I par-cooked them in the microwave while I sauteed some onion, pepper, bacon and mushroom with some butter and some garlic.  I then added the shredded sprouts and threw in some dried cranberries and some chopped walnuts with a bit of salt, pepper and sage.  Finally I tipped the lot into a dish, topped with grated cheese and in the oven it went for a short while.  You know what?  It was brilliant!

Today I want to get the house completely ready.  I seem to have so much clutter, despite some clearing out when I retired.  How can one person need so much?  It is just ridiculous.  My bedroom is a store room right now!   The cleaners come at 3:30 so I have until then.  But first, coffee.


  1. Aww Joy, it's natural to feel wibbly at times like these. I've no idea why you wibbled but here's a great big squash you in my bosoms useless internet hug
    ((((((((Hugs )))))))))

  2. < chuckle > Aw, thanks, I feel a lot better now!
    J x