Saturday 12 December 2015


Jolly little chaps, aren't they?  I wonder what they are thinking.

It's Saturday once more.  Another weekend when I don't have to do the washing, drying and ironing, clean the house and get the paperwork sorted.  One of these days I will get used to it!

I must have been really tired on Thursday evening because I didn't wake until nearly seven yesterday morning.  My guest and I didn't have any outing planned so we chilled around until I went off the school.  The school dinner was really very good indeed - turkey, stuffing, sausage, roasties, peas and carrots (they seem to have abandoned the idea of sprouts, thank goodness!  After eating with the children I helped out with serving.  Because so many children wanted dinner, instead of queueing with their tray they all say down and adults served them.  It was quicker, more efficient and, by the looks of it, they enjoyed being waited on.

Today we have plans that don't depend on the weather which is just as well because the forecast is dire.  More about that tomorrow.

My guest is still asleep and there are things I can get done before breakfast so I will set to, have my coffee and get them done.  I hope your day goes well.


  1. That's the tradition in our school. Parents are invited too and the staff serve them and the children. Then while the staff eat, the parents pitch in and help tidy up. It's all very jolly! The poor cook is run ragged though!! The school kitchen isn't the best equipped!!

  2. I must say I am glad that I no longer have christmas dinners at work though they were fun I got sick of turkey by the time christmas actually arrived. Now that I am retired christmas dinner is a novelty!!!

  3. We have a new hall and kitchens and they are lovely. Having said that, the kitchen staff worked tremendously hard yesterday, all credit to them!
    I do love turkey, Diane. Yesterday was the second one I've had. The first one was one I cooked for Sonja and Milli. I could have had turkey when I went to the Hare on Wednesday but I fancied the butternut squash risotto instead. I doubt I will be having another one before The Day now!
    J x