Sunday 13 December 2015

Questions, questions, question . . .

1)  Do you like blue cheese?
     Is the Pope Catholic? 

2)  Have you ever smoked?

     No, never.  When I was a youngster, still at primary school, we all clustered in a corner and tried to smoke straws - those paper and wax ones.  I was so very comprehensively sick it scarred me for life, emotionally, thank goodness!

3)  Do you own a gun?  

     What on earth would I want a gun for?  No, thanks, the thought terrifies me.

4)  What flavor of Kool Aid is your favorite?

     I'm guessing Kool Aid is a kind of fizzy drink but I have no idea of the flavours so can't say.  I do like those upmarket fruit fizzy drinks - Schoer and the equivalent.
5)  Do you get nervous before dental appointments?

6)  What do you think of hot dogs?
     Home made rolls, good quality sausage, caramelised onions - gorgeous.  The usual kind -  no way!

7)  What's your favorite Christmas movie?
      An old film called 'A Christmas Without Snow'.  I'd love to get hold of a DVD of it.  With subtitles!  It's about a choir that does Handel's Messiah one Christmas.

8)  What do you prefer to drink in the morning?
      Coffee.  Or bucks fizz!

9)  Can you do push-ups?
      Ha ha ha ha 
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha . . .

Er - no!

10)  What's your favorite piece of jewelry?
        I  don't wear jewelry.

11)  What's your favorite hobby?
        Reading, sewing, knitting, crochet, crafting in general, social networking (is that a hobby), cooking and baking.

12)  Do you have A.D.D.?
        Don't think so!

13)  Do you wear glasses or contacts?
        Glasses.  I never had the patience for contacts.

14)  What's your middle name?
        One I would rather not have!

15)  What are your thoughts at this moment?
        The dough must be ready now.

16)  Name 3 drinks you regularly consume.
        Coffee, coffee, water

17)  What is a current worry of yours?
        Will I be ready for Christmas?

(no way would I be honest about this one on a blog!) 

18)  What do you currently hate?
        Nothing and no-one.  I'm not terribly fond of our government at the moment but hate is not an emotion I would willingly allow room in my life.  It is too destructive.

19)  Where is your favorite place to be?

20)  What do you plan on doing on New Year's Eve this year?
        I expect to be at home, perhaps with family here, but not necessarily.  I will watch some telly, drink some bubbly, read and crochet and go to bed when I am tired.  The last time I stayed awake long enough to see in the New Year was the Millennium!

21)  To where would you like to travel?
        I'd love to have a holiday in the Cotswolds.

22)  Name three people you think will do this questionnaire on their
        Not a clue :-)  

23)  Do you own slippers?
        Yes.  Pink and fluffy!

24)  What color shirt are you wearing?
        Not wearing a shirt

25)  Do you like sleeping on satin sheets?
        Not at all.  I like cotton.

26)  Can you whistle?
        Not very tunefully and not using fingers.  I play a mean recorder though.

27)  What is your favorite color?

28)  What songs do you sing in the shower?
        I tend to bath and I warble away at whatever is going round my head at the time.  At the moment it tends towards Christmas songs.

29)  Would you be a pirate?
        A pirate?  No thanks! 

30)  What's in your pocket right now?
        There's a hanky in my dressing gown pocket.

31)  What's the last thing that made you laugh?

32)  What vehicle do you drive?

33)  What's the worst injury you've ever had?
        I've been lucky with injuries.  I guess the worst was when I went head over heels on my bike and broke a tooth.

34)  Do you love where you live?
        Yes, I do.  While I could wish for hills and moors and more solitude, I am very happy here and wouldn't want to leave.

35)  Would you change your first name if you could?

No.  I like my name and anyway, it's me!

Edited to apologise for the slightly random formatting.  I don't seem to be able to sort it out!


  1. Yours is the third post I've read today and you all love blue cheese! That's my random observation of the day! Love this post!

  2. I said it was going the rounds!!! :-)
    J x