Monday 31 August 2015


. . . and what a dark, damp, dismal Bank Holiday morning it is too.  Such a shame.  Beth and I had planned a day at the allotment but not with wall-to-wall rain like this.  Boo.

Yesterday was also very dull but with no rain.  I had the curtains drawn by half past seven which seemed remarkably early but shutting out the dark was necessary by then.  Of course, tomorrow is September and we are nearly into Autumn.  It doesn't feel like that - my runner beans have only just got started and there are loads of tomatoes still on the plants.  I'm hoping for a warmer, dry September with a glut of veg.  Next year I shall get started earlier (I say this each year, don't I?) as I should have more time for the important things like growing my own produce.

At least I won't have to water my patch of turf today!

Swimming went very well.  Getting there at seven is clearly the way to go as the pool was virtually deserted so I could get going at a good (good for me, not really that good) pace.  After half an hour there were several more people in the slow lane so everything slowed up rather.  Still I managed 40 lengths and did 80 minutes of swimming.  I hope it doesn't sound obsessive but I am logging times and lengths in a little diary.  Hopefully, over time, I will be able to do longer in the time.

After getting home, I mde a white dough without milk powder to see if I could get a more crusty baguette-shapes loaf and it worked.  I have to say the results tasted absolutely delicious and I ate one out of the four I made for tea and nibbles after tea - one went to Beth and I hurriedly put the other two in the freezer.
It's just as well I did that swim in the morning - hopefully the calories will balance out a little bit.

Today I want to try the same but as shorter rolls.  Apart from packed lunches next week when my visitors and I go out, Beth and I intend to have lunch at the allotment (it would have been cheese baguettes today) so to have some in the freezer would be good.

I don't need to get going quite so fast today as the pool doesn't open until nine.  I'm going because I won't get another opportunity until Saturday and I shall miss it: because the allotment plans are cancelled so there will be time.

Hoping the rain doesn't spoil any of your plans - do you have anything special planned for this Bank Holiday?

Breakfast:  Toast and jam, apple
Lunch:  soup, yogurt
Dinner:  cottage pie, runner beans, cauliflower (maybe with a cheese sauce), apple or yogurt.


  1. I'm off to Waitrose today ( a kinda mini day out as its 40 miles away!! ) I want some of their dark blue tulips! Then I want a taller planter for next to my front door and then I'll plant them! That's my Monday - feels like Sunday! Might eat out too!

  2. I have planned a cooking day as the weather is horrid

  3. Dark blue tulips sound gorgeous!

    Diane, I have made bread rolls and the house smells brilliant. I need to make some cheese sauce now, for lasagne!
    J x