Tuesday 12 August 2014


Cool, a bit cloudy, a bit breezy - that's this morning.  Rather nice really and very comfortable.  Yesterday we had sudden, very heavy showers and perhaps today will be similar.

The showers didn't bother me as I was busy in school all day.  V (my new Y 2 colleague) and I worked on the first week's planning and got that up and sorted.  It is a relief to know what I will be doing in three weeks' time and even more of a relief to know that I understand it and can see my way through it.  My brain told me it was OK but it's nice to know that it really will be.  The only thing we didn't do was the phonics and we will do that today.

Then it was back in the classroom and I bit the bullet and started throwing away the piles and piles of year 1 resources that I have gathered together since the year zero (or so it seemed).  Half a paper sack on and there are still a number of files to clear but I will get there.  Once I have done that I can start putting things away.  It's going to take several days but it has to be done and, oddly enough, it feels good to start sorting it all out, albeit in the holiday.

Once home, I finished off the spiced apple cordial which is now in the fridge where it should keep for a good long time.  Over the years I have tweaked the recipe a fair bit and I think I will post it on the recipe blog at some point.

Today, as said earlier, is back in school again.  We will get the phonics planned and then carry on with sorting out the classrooms.  As I'm starting to think 'retirement' sometime in the next five years, I have to consider that too.  I'll need to completely clear the cupboards when I finally go so it feels good to be making a start.  One downside, perhaps the only one, of being in the same classroom for so long is that clutter does build up and up and up.

Well, I'm just enjoying my first coffee of the day and then I have beside me my class list and the timetable of all the 'stuff' through the week - PE slots, ICT time, violins, assemblies, etc - to transfer onto my own timetable.  Work, work, work (again).  It feels quite nice really.


  1. Back in harness almost [grin]. Hope you enjoy the changes. I remember liking getting things in order once upon a time. Jx
    P.S. have you tried out your new 'owl' bag yet?

  2. :-0 Almost!!!
    I'm saving the bag for school and I haven't forgotten I have promised a photo. It's just the getting around to it bit, that's all. :-)
    J x

  3. Holidays are so quickly forgotten once we are back at work I sometimes think the anticipation of the holiday is almost better than the holiday itself.

  4. It can be, I agree, but I enjoy both, the anticipation and the actual event.
    J x