Thursday 14 August 2014


Thursday already!!  We are now nudging up to two thirds of the way through the summer break.  It has been so good so far: hopefully the last two weeks will be equally great.

Yesterday, again, was good.  Most days seem to be great and I'm not sure whether I'm just very fortunate to have a good life or a good attitude (probably both).  Even in the things I whinge about (and I do, don't I?) there are good things to be found.   I'm glad I am a half full kind of girl, not a half empty one; half empties can be very draining.

Anyway, yes, it was good.  I managed to whizz around and get the place reasonable - the bits that show anyway.  At the last moment I remembered that I had no biscuits to go with the coffee so I set to and made some of my easy peasy biscuits.  J arrived as they were going in so we had warm biscuits and they were lovely.  There's plenty left over for a hungry teenager today too!

Then I chose ironing over tidying out the fridge and I was glad I did because I now have a lot less to do today (I did a load of washing yesterday evening).  Sheets and duvet covers do take an awful long time to iron but I watched rubbish daytime TV and that helped.

I was intending to go into school today with Alex in tow but I'm not sure now.  He's a bit addicted to a Facebook game and I don't think we can access Facebook at school right now.  We shall see.  We are, however, going to the Flyer for lunch so that will be lovely.

It's another cool morning today after a cool night and a cool yesterday.  It feels almost autumnal and I suppose we are not really all that far away from another seasonal change.  I love autumn with all her glorious and glowing colours and the smoky, misty smells that hang around when the daily clamour has died down.  It's going to be another lovely day!

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