Thursday 28 August 2014


We really are on the countdown now.  Four days to go, that's all.  Just four.  So it's a shame that after a rather pleasant day yesterday (sunny, warm but not hot) I should open my curtains and see rain this morning.  I gather September is forecast to be pleasant with warm sunny days.  I hope so, for the sake of my poor tomatoes.

When the carpet cleaners came, I showed them the job and then disappeared to school.  At just before twelve, Beth and Alex turned up and we hopped off to the Flyer for a spot of lunch and a chat.  They had been to the allotment and donated me three - or is it four - courgettes and a head of broccoli.  I will have the latter for dinner tonight, probably with carrots and runner beans and maybe a few sausages.

The courgettes are because I was pointed in the direction of courgette and lemon jam and I thought I might have a go.  People say nice(ish) things about marrow and ginger jam, after all.  If it is not nice, it's not nice and that's all there is to it!  I doubt it's something I would give as a gift, simply because of the name, so I can use my odds and ends of jars as I'm getting rather short of the nice jam pots.

After getting home I watched some stuff on the telly and got a bit irate at Bake Off, not because any supposed mis-doings but because of the 'clever' editing that pointed the finger, probably rather unfairly, at someone while someone else simply threw his rattle on the floor rather than making the best of things as another contestant did in almost the same situation.  Even the preview shown daily through the previous week was craftily edited and didn't actually happen that way!  Come on, BBC, you don't have to create stuff like that.
And . . .  breathe!

As for today . . . I shall see how I feel about school.  Right now I feel inclined to stay in and rest (and make that jam) but if I do go into school I would then not need to go in tomorrow.  Decisions.

Better have another coffee while I ponder, hadn't I?

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