Monday 18 August 2014


And here I am, back home after a very pleasant short break with my mum and dad and an extremely good night's sleep.  I didn't sleep so well while I was there - no idea why not but never mind.

I have some photos of Dad's garden but they are still on the camera so I will have to wait!  Needless to say, it is all looking good.  His tomatoes are ripening massively by the day, the runner beans are fantastic and the corn - well, let's just say I am jealous.

It was a lovely drive home yesterday.  It was sunny and cool, there was very little traffic about and it is a lovely cross country run anyway.

Now I am home it is all back to normal again.  I have some bread dough rising in Thermione, the tomatoes are quartered ready for frying and I shall be going into school.  Today's agenda is the cupboard over the pegs and sorting out the book trolley.  If I get those done I can then rebuild my classroom ready for the new term and I will feel much better about it all.

I hope it's a good day for us all.


  1. Good luck with the work bits and I am glad you had a nice break. Sometimes I really miss my mum and dad so make the most of them.

  2. I will miss them too. I know I won't have them for much longer
    J x