Wednesday 6 August 2014


I woke in the night to heavy rain and wind.  Next door's security light had come on so I could see the trees tossing in the wind when I peeped out.  Its still damp and dull this morning with drizzle in the air.  Jolly good for the garden, not so good for children on holiday!

What wasn't jolly good was that I wasn't well yesterday and had to cancel the meal with my friend.  I'm feeling better after a good night's sleep but really, what a nuisance.  Fortunately, N was really nice about me cancelling and we will meet up soon.  At least I have the menu planned.  So sorry, N (in case you read this).

Before the whatever-it-was hit, I dealt with the tomatoes that had blossom end rot.  I've never been troubled with this particular problem before but it appears that the undamaged part of the fruit is perfectly OK so I picked all the affected tomatoes (quite a lot), chopped off all the bad bits and the very woody core and I shall make green tomato chutney which will do nicely as gifts as well as providing me with spiciness through the winter.  Now I'm looking out a good recipe - I can freeze the chopped tomatoes if necessary but I'm hoping I can make it tomorrow.

I did a bit of research into the why of it and am still puzzled.  Fortunately, it isn't a disease so isn't catching, unlike blight, it is a response to growing conditions.  I am puzzled because it is affecting only five out of the six plants that I planted in the grow bag pots.  They have had plenty of water and plenty of root space.  It was new compost too, so there shouldn't have been a shortage of calcium, unless the plants actually needed to go in bigger pots.  They've been fed like the others too and it is only those five that have been affected.

Someone suggested adding dried milk powder to the water when I next water them and I might give that a go.  It appears that it is not the end of the plant and that if the cause is dealt with, subsequent fruits can be fine.  Well, as I don't know the cause, it's a bit tricky, but we will see.

The delivery arrived.  The quilt covers are now out for washing and the mugs - well, what can I say?  Bog-standard white mugs, chunky and with straight sides so they don't stack.  I have no room for non-stacking mugs!  The school mug cupboard it is then - we seem to get through a tremendous number of mugs in a day at school and even two dishwashers aren't enough to keep up at times.  I am sure they won't be wasted.

I'm afraid I spent the afternoon and much of the evening napping, on and off, and I had a very good night's sleep too.  The great healer, sleep is.

Today I will be having lunch with a friend and later on S and M come back to spend a few more days with me.  I need to do a bit of clearing up and I want to have a go at making a loaf without the rising bit.  Just kneading, into the pans, proving and baking.  Someone said it worked as well so I will give it a go and see.

Have a good day!


  1. Blossom end rot cause low/lack calcium. The toms here have been top dressed with fish, blood and bone (traditional remedy) Jx

  2. So I gather, but none of the other tomatoes have this problem, just five of the six in growbag pots, and as I used the same soil source for all the pots, I'm a bit baffled. Ah, well, keep on fedding and hoping for the best. And there is a bonus!
    J x