Tuesday 26 August 2014


A very good morning to you.  It's dark and gloomy outside and I am prepared for several months of waking in the dark now.  I woke just before five and it was still very dark.  At around 5:40 the sky is lightening but it's still too dark to tell what the weather is without stepping outside.

Yesterday was a very wet day here.  I don't think it stopped raining once and my heating kept clicking on.  Dismal for any August day but all the more so for a Bank Holiday.  I wonder if today will be any brighter.

Fortunately for me I didn't have to go out at all apart from dodging the raindrops (unsuccessfully) to the shed or to pick the beans and pull the carrots and back again.  That being so, I ended up having a PJ day and very nice it was too.  I wasn't totally idle;  I made some more onion marmalade after the success of the first lot I made and I made some plum jelly.  Both recipes are on the other blog.

Dinner was lovely - turkey from the freezer with tomatoes, carrots and runner beans from the garden.  Such flavour!

Today I am back in school to move tables, book trolleys and tray containers about to get maximum use of the fairly restricted space in my bay.  By the time I get it right, it should have burned a few calories, that's for sure.

I probably won't feel much like cooking so I shall get a lasagne out of the freezer and have it with runner beans left over from today.  That will be easy and taste great.

So now I'd better get the porridge on!

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