Wednesday 20 August 2014


I do love these chilly nights and early mornings when I can wrap up and snuggle into soft and fluffy things.  I have to keep checking the heating to make sure it hasn't come on, especially after opening the French windows to breathe in the fresh, cool air.  Right now, though, it is still virtually dark from the back windows although lightening up if you look at the front windows, a reminder, should one be needed, that summer is almost past and autumn is gently knocking at the door

Yesterday was a grand day.  I went with two friends to look round a garden as part of the National Gardens Scheme.  It was only about ten minutes drive away, out of Chelmsford on the Roxwell Road.  I had no idea it was there but, of course, it is not open all the time, just on set days.  Something to check on because I think Mum and Dad would love it.  After a good stroll round and many photos later we decamped to the Writtle Tearooms and had a most delicious lunch before going back to Js for a good chat.  Both are retired colleagues on mine so there was a lot to talk about one way and another.

This is where we went.

There are some nice photos amongst the many I took so I shall do a second post with just photos.

Today I am back in school again.  It was lovely to take a day out but duty calleth.  Today it is the art cupboards which, frankly, have got into a bit of a muddle but I don't think there's a lot to throw away - I hope.  Then it is the shelves over my desk and then - then - I can start moving the furniture around!

After that I'm off to a friend's for tea.  It's going to be a busy day!

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