Friday 22 August 2014


Marigolds from Dad's garden.  Nothing to do with today's entry but they are bright and cheerful on a morning that is far from bright and cheerful!

Last day of the 'working' week and what a productive week it has been, to be sure.  After a good long spell in school yesterday I am now delighted to announce that all the cupboards in the bay are tidy and very organised.  Sorting the art cupboards was something of a revelation - I doubt I will ever need to order glue again in the years I have left in teaching, for example!

There's a bit more to do but not all that much.  The drawers under my table are fine but I will go through them anyway, just to be on the safe side and to tidy them up a bit.  I have last year's assessments to file away somewhere for half a term (in case OFSTED comes a-visiting in the next two months) and there's 'stuff' on the shelves above my table that need to be dealt with.  Also, last year's timetables, etc need to be taken down and the new ones put up, but I consider that as the start of building the new environment for next year.

There's a couple of very helpful sites for primary resources  Actually, there are lots, but these two are great for display resources.  After I'd tidied up I went onto one of them, Twinkl (twee name, great resources, and no, I haven't missed an 'e' from the end), downloaded and printed posters about reading, generic types of books, punctuation and similar delights to make the bay a great year 2 'learning environment' (that's the idea anyway).  They will have to be laminated and blu-tacked up next week because today I am working from home.

Viv and I got the planning done in the third week of the break but I have to go through it and make it mine, transferring it to the particular format I prefer (because it works for me!).  Whether I will continue doing that for very long depends, but it will help for starters.  I want to do that today.

The other thing I have to do today is tidy up a bit because at 11:30 Sharon, my hairdresser, is coming to give me and Beth our regular hair makeover.  I always feel better after she's worked her magic!  Then B and A are staying for lunch.  Cheese on toast, I think, or maybe beans on toast with grated cheese on top.

But before I start working, my first coffee of the day!   Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.


  1. There is nothing like that first coffee of the day is there. You have reminded me that I too need to get my mop shawn before my holiday.

  2. It's strange how much difference it makes to how I feel!
    I agree, that first mouthful is heavenly!
    J x

  3. Wow, you sound fantastically organised and I sense a new lease of get up and go and a feeling of great enthusiasm for getting stuck into the new challenge of Y2. Enjoy!
    Best wishes
    A xx

  4. I'm at least trying to be fantastically organised, Annabeth. Hopefully it will carry me through! :-)
    J x