Saturday 30 August 2014


The Last Weekend has arrived.  It's windy, quite cold and rather wet.  Things might cheer up later but I don't really mind all that much.  I've planned an indoors day anyway.

I don't have a lot to do.  Checking over the planning, maybe a bit of weeding, some tomato picking (yes, they ARE ripening, just so, so slowly), a bit of kitchen stuff and I have a cupboard at home that needs a good clear out.  If I can do it at school, surely I can do it at home as well.

Talking of school . . .
I left home at nine and got back around four and now my classroom is really ready.  Really and truly ready.  The children could walk in today and that would be fine (hope they don't though!).  The reading display is up, the 'books are best bunting is up, the writing display is up.  The maths display - er - isn't up but that's OK.  My table is tidy, their tables are tidy and their table boxes are ready too.
I was tired by the time I'd finished but pleased.

With all the clearing out, I find I have a whole load of trays - the trays that the children put their things into - surplus to requirements.  As storage is not wonderful at school and I have no wish to keep falling over a pile of trays in the bay, I have brought them home and they are stacked up in the garage.  I have told the ground manager so if anyone asks for spare trays, he knows where some are.  I think there are plenty around though - I've seen stacks all around the school, including grey trays that date back to before our first OFSTED, whenever that was.  In those days you had months and months of notice of an inspection and one of the things that the then head did was replace all the manky grey trays with nice new coloured trays.  For ages afterwards we called them OFSTED Trays!!

That's about it really.  I now need to make breakfast - fried tomatoes and egg - and then decide whether to have a PJ day or get dressed.  I think the latter, just in case I feel like going anywhere.  Be prepared and all that!


  1. Remembering when we had a change of Head. He did not go down well when he invited OFSTED in! Hope you have an easy week ahead. Good luck for the new term. Jx

  2. He INVITED Ofsted in???? He must have been an absolute loony!
    Thanks, Joan - you too.
    J x