Sunday 10 August 2014


I expected to wake this morning to howling gales and lashing rain.  It had obviously been raining quite hard as even the sheltered places were very wet but all is calm and damp and cool.  Having said that, looking out of the window, the wind is picking up so maybe there's something more on the horizon.  At least I don't have to water the outdoor tomatoes today!

I had great plans for yesterday.  Most of them remain plans and I think I need to start a Little List!  Instead, I dozed and read and watched telly and dozed again.  It was lovely but I am becoming extremely indolent and need to get my act together - the holiday is half way through and I have some busy days ahead of me.  Maybe I will get the spiced apple chutney made today and I have also found the recipe for apple cordial which I remember as being very delicious.  I have plenty of apples for that.

As it is Sunday Beth and Alex will be over for lunch and I guess Beth will be over early because it's not really allotment weather.  It's an easy lunch today - just bread, crackers and cheese with fruit to follow.  Easy it may be but one of our favourites and will be enjoyed by all.

Joan - I've just noticed your comment about a photo of the bag.  I will take one and post it up.

I hope the weather isn't too bad where you are.  Have a safe day.


  1. Thank you, Joy. Wet here too, but the showers are in and out so it is not too bad. Jx

  2. It was absolutely lashing earlier but it's now sunny, cool and very gusty. My wind chimes are lovely!
    J x