Monday 4 August 2014


Yesterday was a lovely day for many reasons.
In somewhat random order . . .

Beth and Alex came over and Beth brought vegetables with her from her allotment.  I now have new potatoes (Charlottes - delicious), baby corn, cougettes and green beans.  She went home with some tomatoes and two freshly baked loaves.  I do enjoy this way of doing things.

She also brought two purple sprouting broccoli plantlets which are now in my vegetable bed. There are also some leeks but they're not ready yet.  My little veg-bed will look so productive with corn, tomatoes, broccoli, leeks, carrots and runner beans.

I made ginger nuts but, ooops, I forgot to add the butter so they ended up tooth-crackingly hard.  Never mind, Beth and Alex both seemed to like them and Alex told me I can miss out the butter again sometime!  I'll have another go today, butter included this time.

I made up a recipe for Hunter's Chicken (sort of) which turned out very nice.  In fact, dinner was nice, full stop, with no leftovers.  I've posted the recipe for the chicken on my other blog.

I used the lemon courgette cake recipe, cut out the lemon and added chopped dried apricots and cooked them as muffins.  So delicious!  They are now out of temptation's way in the freezer.  One a day!  Just one!

I was wandering around facebook and got into a chat started by a lady who has loads and loads of apples and is leaving them in a box outside for people to take.  I said something about wishing she was my neighbour only to find that she almost is!  Same town, different area.  So I shall be popping over there to pick up some apples.  She said she has loads and loads.

Alex did a grand job with the garden.  I'm very pleased.  Well done, Al!

I took things quite easy most of the day and both knee and ankle are feeling a bit better.  That's a relief.

I have a pile of runner beans to go in the freezer.  And there's loads more to come too.

It was sunny, warm in the afternoon but nice and fresh morning and evening - just perfect.

Hopefully today will be just as nice.
It's looking hopeful.  Sunny but not hot, not yet anyway.  The kitchen is cluttered but reasonably tidy and I may take some time to put away some of that clutter.  In fact, I will, because I feel like it.  Amazing.
I also want to make some more gingernuts because I had promised someone.  In Thermione they take next to no time and the washing up is minimal!
And finally I have to finalise a menu for tomorrow.  I've got the starter and the main course sorted.  I have some golden plums so ought to be able to work something around that!

Better make breakfast now. I fancy bacon and banana pancakes with maple syrup.  Shame it doesn't make itself!

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