Wednesday 27 August 2014


Why is it that when I would like to (and have the time) to sleep in I awake bouncing and ready to face the new day whereas when I expect to get up early it's so hard?

Today, this morning, I am having my big carpet cleaned.  This carpet runs from the hall, through the whole of the downstairs apart from the kitchen and the loo (it's semi open plan), up the stairs and along the landing so it's quite a big job.  The cleaner said that they would move things around, etc, but I am sure he didn't realise how much 'stuff' there is on the floor.  So I decided that as I always woke early, I'd do a bit of a clear this morning, before they arrive.  So why am I tired and why do I want to go back to sleep?  Sheer indolence, I suspect!

Anyway - yesterday.  Well, it rained and rained and rained, only clearing up in the evening when we were treated to a little sunshine before it clouded over again.  Today is supposed to be nice though.  Fingers crossed.

I decided not to go to school (I have to get out of the house this morning so will go then) so I set to and used up the plum pulp from the jelly made on Monday, adding some stewed apple, sugar and allspice to make a cross between a sauce and a jam.  It didn't make much so if it doesn't work it's not too much wastage.  I've posted the recipe on the other blog.

That's about it really.  I ought to get on with clearing the floor but needed my daily blog first!  Oh, and a coffee!


  1. Good luck with the carpet clean I too have that on my list but I think I will leave it until after the holiday which is drawing close now.

  2. They are there now and I am at school to get out of their way! I'm keeping my fingers crossed as it is/was terribly grubby!