Friday 15 August 2014


Good morning, everyone, welcome to Friday.  It's gloomy, breezy and it looks as if rain is in the offing.  Just the ticket for a car journey!  Ah well, at least it isn't far, unlike the journeys Beth and Sonja took yesterday.  Sonja was stuck in motorway queues for a very long time and Beth got caught on the M25 in torrential rain.  Not fun!

As for me, I had a grand day with Alex.  We mooched around in the morning.  He did, anyway, while I designed bunting for my displays.  We had lunch at the Flyer and I was amazed yet again at the amount a mid-teenager can tuck away.  Then we went into school and I continued to tackle well over a decade of 'stuff'.  There's now two papersacks completely full and several bin bags worth of other rubbish - old files that are falling apart, plastic pockets, oh, all sorts of stuff.  No wonder I was finding it difficult to put things away.  Steve has been warned (Steve is the ground managed) that there's a lot of rubbish to take and bin.

I now have piles and piles of files and I'm having to harden my heart and decide which to chuck.  Some are very old and very battered and really not nice at all but I'm a shocker at throwing anything that might be 'useful'.  Useful is as useful does must be my motto and some of them just HAVE to go!  If they're not good enough to hand on (and some are not) they are not good enough to keep.

Now all the cupboards over the sink are spick and span with only necessary stuff in them.  The next biggie is the cupboard over the cloakroom area.  I'm dreading it, although some of the stuff in there can now go into the more easily accessible cupboards - things like pencils, rubbers, white board pens, etc.  Maybe it won't be as bad as I think it will be as, on reflection, I did give it a good turn out a few years ago.

Then it is just the contents of the trays - the sticker tray, the labels tray, etc.

And then I can start rebuilding for the new year - replacing tatty labels, putting up lettering and posters, sorting out the book trolleys, and so on and so forth.  In other words, making it all a pleasant environment for the children.

I'll be ready!


  1. Sounds like you ought to award yourself some time off to recover? Jx

  2. When it's all done I will. This weekend is a rest anyway! :-)

    J xxx