Friday 8 August 2014


Hello!  Another week nearly over and we're just about half way through the holiday now.  Time to start thinking of work and getting stuff sorted, I guess.  What a shame!  :-)

I took a trip out yesterday and picked up the bag and the apples.  The bag (a sort of satchel really) is lovely and will be perfect for school.  It's big and roomy, it stands out and - and - doesn't have a black lining.  My current (big, roomy) bag has a black lining and it is well nigh impossible to find things quickly!   The children will like it too: it has cute little owls all over it.

I also collected the apples and dropped off the lemon curd.  I need to taste one of the apples but they look as if they should have a great flavour and I have most stuff in place for a spiced apple chutney.  That's the plan for this morning.

When I got home, I set to and made the spiced tomato chutney from the chopped tomato bits.  I am so glad I have a nice large maslin pan because the amount of tomato I had made 13 little pots of chutney, which will be perfect for gifts.  It has cayenne pepper in it so there's definitely a heat to it which will mellow as it rests and matures.  It's certainly not ready for eating now but should be perfect by Christmas!  And all from tomatoes that I might have thrown out!  Can't complain about that!

In the evening S and M bought in a take away Indian meal, I made some lemonade in Thermione, I had some sparkling white (which went surprisingly well) and S bought some orange juice.  It was a lovely meal and we chatted and laughed and generally had a great time.

So - today is preserving day!  As well as the apple chutney, I have the pulp left over from making the lemonade to turn into a delicious lemon spread.  I shall add some ginger this time but should it be root ginger or ground ginger?  Root, I think, this time.

That's it really.  I didn't sleep too well so I'm likely to have a good snooze at some point and, although it's still dry here, we are forecast some serious rain through the day, so I won't be too inclined to wander in the garden at all.  And talking of garden, I'd better go and water the tomatoes!


  1. I wouldn't bother with tomatillos they are really very uninspiring the chutney would only taste of the other ingredients. The Thermomix lemonade is really fabulous have you tried the pink grapefruit that too is great?

  2. Not yet, but I intend to. I did a lemon, apple and carrot drink which was nice. I now see the point of starting with ice - the pulp is a lot 'pulpier'. It went down a treat and I have been saked to make some more for this evening.
    J x

  3. I love owls, any chance of a picture of your new bag? Please. Jx

  4. I've only just seen this, sorry. Yes, I'll take one and post it. :-)
    J x