Saturday 23 August 2014


Another photo taken in Dad's garden
After having two snoozes after waking, I finally hobbled down at around seven o'clock with is ridiculously late for me.  Unfortunately, the snoozes have left me with a sinus-y type headache so I may just have to take things easy today (any excuse!).  It is a gloriously sunny morning but none too warm as yet although it should heat up a bit later.  I haven't seen the weather forecast this morning so have no idea what they think is in store.

Yesterday Sharon came round to do our hair and now we both feel decidedly neater and more presentable.  It is odd the difference a hair do can make to ones state of mind.  I set to and started using up the fruit I have for preserving by making six pots of plum jam with star anise which is absolutely delicious and will make great gifts for folks.  Today I am starting off with apple and tomato chutney and then we shall see.

Beth and Al stayed for lunch and we had cheese on toast - very plain and very delicious - followed by a drink made with my home made drinking chocolate powder.  Beth also agreed that it is extremely delicious so I think I have another gift idea here.  I think I need to learn how to weave little baskets and then I could go into gift production.  When you see what they charge for a little pot of jam in a basket with a few shreds of tissue paper and a bow - well, I could be quids in, couldn't I!

I also made the pigs in blankets for our Christmas in November (I hope Sonja reads this) and they are now safely tucked away in the freezer.  There were a few slices of bacon left over so this morning I shall treat myself to a cooked breakfast.  I'd better get going then - it is past eight o'clock so no wonder I am feeling hungry!

Have a good day!

By the way, the recipe for the plum jam is on my other blog.


  1. hope the headache subsided and that the lay in did you good

  2. It did, thanks, and I had quite a busy day in the end so that was good!
    J x