Wednesday 2 April 2014


Here we are, Wednesday already and three days to go before a much needed break.

Today is packed with Easter stuff.  Making Easter biscuits, making Easter cards, finishing off another card, finishing off other stuff, fortnightly visit to the library, nice day really.

Yesterday went OK.  My SCITT student came in.  SCITT is School Centred Initial Teacher Training and what happens is that a post grad student is linked to a school for the whole year of training with half a term in a 'second school' in a different key stage.  We are my student's second school so he is with me for the next half term.  It'll be nice to have him around and I do enjoy mentoring anyway.

This, of course, means a lot of paperwork but not as much teaching for me so it's swings and roundabouts really!  It will all pan out, I hope.

We had quite a nice sunset last week and I drove home hoping that it wouldn't change before I got to my camera.  It did, but not too much.


  1. Not long now and you will get a well deserved break from the school routine and with any luck a bit of good weather too.....

  2. That sounds absolute bliss!
    J x