Thursday 17 April 2014


Good morning again.  The days are ticking off rapidly at the moment and before I know it, it will be back to school.  I must make the most of these last days.
It's not so chilly this morning, by which I mean there's no frost.  It isn't warm, thank goodness.  I hate sticky, claggy early mornings.  Early mornings should be cool and fresh and sparkling.

Apple blossom which is currently making my garden look lovely.
I'm rather worried that I am too organised with LBTL.  I have the menu sorted out and I have many of the items in and ready.  I bet things change between now and when I am due to start though.

I had a bit of a weeding session in the garden yesterday - not that there were many weeds thanks to George but the whitebells have taken over the middle bed and I wanted to get some out while I can tell what I am pulling up.  The ground was bone dry so I did quite a lot of watering too, which helped.

Inside I made Beth's bread for LBTL and it is now safely stored in the freezer.  Two nice looking little loaves which should be more than enough for the five days.  And later on I finally got round to making Jack's lemon pasta with salmon thingy - can't remember the proper name - for dinner and jolly nice it was too.  I've blogged about it in Teacher's Recipes, here!

I've been tending the four grafted tomato plants and the chilli plant and they all seem to be doing very well, so well that I suspect I will need to pot them on into the large pots before I can get them outside.  Ah well, never mind, it's rather nice to look at them now and again and think ahead to the summer harvest!  So nice that, unfortunately, I went online yesterday evening and ordered some more including an intriguing 'black tomato' which cost way more than I ought to have paid but there you go, the deed is done now and I may regret it!  The other things I ordered were a couple of peppers and a yellow tomato (I do love yellow tomatoes, they have a sweet-tangy flavour).  I justify all this by saying that I have three to feed, not just one!  I know - no excuse really.

So, on to today.  My guests arrive this afternoon so before then I have to do some shopping, some bread making, some tidying, some ironing and generally get things ready.   Better get going then!

Enjoy today!

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