Tuesday, 29 April 2014


It's a bit of a dull and gloomy morning, unfortunately, and no sun appears to be fighting through the cloud cover so my fingers are crossed for outdoor games this morning.  Last week it was actually raining at this point in time and it ended up OK so I can hope.

Yesterday was a delightful day with wall to wall sunshine and some warmth too.  I was on playground duty in the afternoon so was able to take advantage of it.  The first swimming lessons went well too.  At this point I need to say I do not teach swimming.  In fact, I stay in the classroom while parent helpers take one group at a time across to the pool and bring them back afterwards.
The children all came back happy, there were no tears and a lot of happy talk.  So THAT'S all right!

Today is my PPA and coordinator time.  Loads to do and not all that much time to do it, so I shall be busy.  After school I have a meeting with someone, so that's my day well wrapped up.

Apart from that, I am just about organised for LBTL.  The food is (mostly) bought, there's a list of things to make at the weekend, I'm well under my fiver and I should eat OK, although in rather a liumited way.  But then that's life for many, many people and, if they don't have the wherewithal, either equipment or knowledge, it's going to be a lot harder.  This is not a boast, it's a comment, but a lot of my meals will be cooked from scratch and it really is making the fiver go further.

I hope I'm not offending any of my readers but I am sometimes saddened that people seem very worried about making their money meet the family need and then talk about buying take away pizzas, eating ready meals, and so on.  A little bit of culinary knowledge would go such a long way to sorting their financial issues out.  Maybe I am lucky in that I enjoy cooking as an activity and I am aware that people do often cook from scratch and still find it hard to make ends meet, but an awful lot don't.  It's sad.

And, again, here's the link if anyone would care to support me as I Live Below The Line for five days and raise money for ActionAid.  Many thanks.


  1. On the topic of money saving, have you looked at the Savy Woman website? I get the email updates and
    always find something worthwhile to read. Jx

  2. No, I haven't, thanks, Joan!
    J x