Sunday 20 April 2014


Good morning, everyone, Happy Easter to you!

I was expecting to wake up to rain, rain and more rain but it's still dry and very light although there's no sun.  Yesterday was a surprise - after a cloudy, sometimes dull morning with a few drops of rain, the afternoon and evening were sunny and pleasant.

They were pleasant in other ways too.

First of all I finally managed to get the seeds into soil.  I planted (in paper pots) runner beans, tomatoes, peppers, celeriac and outdoor cucumbers.  Apart from the runners they were all freebie seeds and I have no idea whether they will actually be any good but dear me, what have I got to lose?

We all went out for a meal in the evening, a lovely family meal, to the Hare at Roxwell.  I had a smaller plate meal, hunters chicken with peas and chips.  I know it doesn't sound terribly exciting but it was delicious and I enjoyed it very much.  It may have been a smaller plate meal but it certainly filled me up and there was no room left for dessert.  Alex went for sticky ribs and I was most impressed with the way he managed to consume the lot, plus a starter, plus a dessert!  I know he's a teenager but I have no idea where he puts it all!  Hollow legs is only the start of it, bless him.

I was thrilled that Dave and Anna were able to come and also that Beth could make it.  She's not well at the moment and I appreciate her making such an effort - thanks very much, love.  I hope you're not suffering too much from it this morning.

Today, this morning, my visitors go home.  It's been a lovely few days and, actually, in the last month or so I've had visitors more than I have been on my own.  I like solitary living but it's been nice all the same.  It's going to seem very quiet.

There's kitchen stuff to be done though.  In the slow cooker the remains of Thursday's roast chicken is gently glooping away to make a good stock and in the fridge there's a whole pile of lamb that needs sorting out.  Shepherds pies for a start and some of the slices (or what passes for slices in a slow roast lamb) in gravy.  And there's a pile of veg that was under the lamb so all meatily infused with deliciousness is going to make a soup of some kind - probably a quick mash in some stock with some shreds of lamb added is all that will be needed, with some seasoning, possibly.  After all, I have to think of school lunches again, don't I?  So that's bread rolls to make, I reckon.

And then I intend to rest.  Tomorrow will be filled with school preparation.  The end of the (holiday) world is nigh and all that stuff!  And I will have to wait all of five weeks (three of them four day weeks) before the next one.  Oh, dear!

Finally, at the end of a right ramble, just to say it was lovely to read some comments at the end of yesterday's entry.  I was beginning to wonder if I'd offended everyone!  Please do feel free to leave comments - I love reading them and do my best to reply.  :-)

Have a lovely Easter and bank holiday Monday!

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