Tuesday 8 April 2014


. . . and it looks as if today will be pleasant, bright and sunny.  I'm feeling my fingers crossed anyway because with all the rain yesterday we didn't get to Hyde Hall so we plan to go this morning before I drop A off at the station to make her way home.

Despite the rain, yesterday was good.  For lunch a concocted what I called a creamy curried carrot soup which will also double as a mild curry sauce.  It was jolly tasty as a soup and the sauce bit was an accidental side shoot!  I shall try some of it tonight with chicken.  Vewry frugal!
We also had some natural yoghurt into which I mixed the left over apple crumble from Sunday and it was just gorgeous.  Another thing to have tonight as there's a little bit of crumble left over.

Then dinner was baked salmon, chips (home made!) and broccoli (home grown).  With it I made a simple sauce from onions gently softened in butter, some philly and some cream.  It was lovely!

As I mentioned, we're hoping to get to Hyde Hall for a couple of hours this morning.  It opens at ten so if we leave at nine-thirty that should work well.  Then it's back for a quick lunch and then A leaves.  Sad, but it's been a good weekend!

I have some friends round tomorrow so I need to sort out something for lunch and then do a small shop.  Then I have a pile of ironing to sort out so I will watch a dvd and dash away with my smoothing iron for a while.  It may be holiday but real life goes on - and on -  and on . . .

Have a great day!


  1. Sadly real life is always there and the day to day chores never go away!!!!!!

  2. Someone didn't organise that one very well at all! :-)
    J x