Wednesday 9 April 2014


As hoped, yesterday was really lovely.  It was a clear night so quite cold and the stars were wonderful.  The sun shone during the day although it was quite windy and rather chilly.

A and I pootled over to Hyde Hall arriving at about 10:00 and, on my membership, both got in free.  We meandered around the gardens, appreciating the plantings and seeing promise of much beauty to come in a month or so.

We had a coffee/chocolate to warm us up afterwards, heading off home to have scrambled eggs on toast before I dropped A off at the station to make her way home.  It's been a lovely week or so with first S and M and then A staying over.

I did my usual looking for interesting shapes and textures to photograph but, infuriatingly, the battery went flat and the replacement battery was also flat.  Serves me right!  I did manage to take a few photos before the power ran out but there were lots of things I would have snapped but couldn't.  Never mind, it won;t go away, will it?

I saw that there are some interesting 'specials' coming up at Hyde Hall.  This weekend there's a Spring Gardening event, There's a Spring Plant Fair a few weekends later and then after that there's a Craft and Design show which I really would love to go to.  It's lucky that I am a RHS member so won't have to shell out any ore than the petrol (although that will be bad enough!).  As I said to A, I have to recoup the cost of the membership, don't I?

I went a bit bonkers yesterday and ordered rather a lot of chicken breasts.  It's not quite as insane as it sounds really, they were on a very special offer and I do eat rather a lot of chicken one way and another so it was quite a frugal act.  I have loads of poly bags so they will be wrapped and frozen individually.  I'm expecting them to arrive today but, hopefully, not when my guests are here.

Today I have friends over for coffee and then lunch.  I've decided to go simple and have nice bread with things on - cheese, ham, pate, etc.  Tasty, easy to prepare and not too time consuming. However, that means I have to set to and get on with a bit of housework.  Oh, well, it makes me do it.  I'd better get going on it while the bread it rising.


  1. It sounds as if you are having a lovely Easter break with lots of great things going on - that's super! :o)
    Hope you are managing to get lots of rest and battery-recharging, too (and I don't just mean your camera batteries) .
    Have fun! :o) S.xxxxx

  2. LOL - well, the camera batteries ARE chaged up now! Yes, it's been lovely so far and we're still in the middle of the first week! Plenty still to go!
    J x