Friday 4 April 2014


And we're here.  We've arrived.  Last day of the term.  I'm so tired (and I've had a good night's sleep) but the weariness is mental as well as physical and nothing a few days of idleness won't sort out.

My friend is here and sleeping sweetly (I hope) in the guest room.  I hope my moving about won't disturb her too much as I get ready for school as our hours are very different.  She's a late bird and I'm the early one!

There's very little planned at school.  We had a lovely assembly yesterday for a teacher who is getting married over the Easter break.  We have a little tradition - each year group makes a card, prepares a little 'thing' (ours was two wooden spoons dressed as a bride and groom) and do a little 'something' (a rhyme, song, etc) for the blushing bride-to-be.  Well, as D is fairly new working at the school, she had no idea and was totally surprised.  Very sweet!

I was out of class in the afternoon looking at books - that was very interesting and, I hope, useful too in the longer term too.

And now it is the last day of what has been a very difficult and exhausting term,  Yay!


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