Sunday 27 April 2014


Good morning, everyone.  It looks quite bright outside at the moment and I'm hoping there won't be so much rain.  However, having said that, given that it was actually sunny very early on yesterday, maybe I shouldn't hope too much.

I went into town, as expected, yesterday morning and remembered why I don't go in very often.  It was pretty busy for the time of day and would only get worse.  It was damp and soggy.  And it costs a fortune to park!

Anyway, I got my cheques paid in, trawled around Wilcos and the pound shop and more or less managed to get everything on my list for not too much money before coming home.  I meant to go to WH Smiths to spend a birthday voucher but decided not to.  I'll do that next weekend.

Then it was home to make a few more paper pots and plant some dwarf beans.  I read that dwarf beans can be grown in containers as they don't need anything like the root space of runners and that they need only little support so I'm giving them a go.  I like dwarf beans and they freeze reasonably well too.  For the cost of a packet of seeds it's worth a try, I reckon.

From last week's sowing I now have little runner bean seedlings (lots because some are for Beth), the cucumber has germinated, as has the dill, the basil and the tomatoes.  I've planted far too many, of course, so I might pot some on and offer them at school for a donation to LBTL - if they thrive, of course.  I could take rosemary cuttings and do the same, couldn't I?

We're doing seeds so I think they will be interested in this.
And the sun has come out!

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