Monday 14 April 2014


Hyde Hall on Saturday
. . . and a very good morning to you.  It looks to be a very pleasant day today although it is a bit chilly at the moment, being fairly early still.  It's about now that I like an early morning saunter around the estate (ha ha), looking for what's coming up, what's growing well, what's not, etc.  So that takes all of one minute.

Yesterday didn't quite turn out as expected but hey, no problems.  We are halfway through the holiday and I am deep into relaxing and letting the world meander by as it will!  So I made the 'goo' for the smoky lentil burgers but didn't get any further because while it was chilling I went to sleep and when I woke up I fancied making some cheese scones so I did!  After that they had to be sampled, of course, obviously.  So I never did get to shape and cook the burgers.  It's not a problem, I will just do that today and the flavours will have had a chance to 'develop', as the cookery books say!

The cheese scones, by the way, were lovely so here's the recipe.

Beth came round and while we were chatting I sat and made loads of paper pots with my latest acquisition.
A bit artistic in a weird sort of way!
 Today I can sow some seeds and Beth will bring some of her seeds round, especially the baby corn as her cat, Theo, loves nibbling the shoots as they come up and that means no corn!  They should be safer round here.

So I want to sow runner beans for a start.  It's time they were in but there's still too much of a thread of frost and, with the nights being so chilly, the ground isn't warm enough.  Also, last year I planted straight into the soil and lots didn't actually come up or started and then died.  Perhaps by growing them inside to start with, they will survive at a better rate.
I have to look through my seeds and see what else to sow.  The freebie herbs, for a start, and the red pepper, also a freebie.  I can't lose if they don't come up, can I?  Also I need to clear the rest of the leeks and start thinking about sowing some carrots. I had two rows last year - maybe three would be better this year. The broccoli is still producing happily, earning its space in my little bed, so it can stay.

Another freebie is some celeriac seeds.  I've never grown celeriac, nor does it appear on my list of tasted vegetables - not to my knowledge anyway.  I might grow a few of them, just to see.

The strawberries seem to be surviving which is excellent.  I'm now umming and ahing about netting to keep the birds off.  There's always something, isn't there!

Apologies for all the garden talk.  It's just the time of year, the sap is rising, the birds are courting and I notice my garden!  And now back to mundane things - better unload the dishwasher!

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