Wednesday 16 April 2014


Brrrrrrr - these early mornings are certainly cold at the moment.  Yesterday I woke very early and came downstairs without wrapping up warmly: within a short time I was shivering.  This morning I wrapped up in dressing gown and slippers and it's much better.  The reason?  There's a frost!  We've likely had more frosts in April than we have in the whole winter past.  OK, slight exaggeration, but not too much!  I'm very glad I haven't been seduced into putting out my tender plants by the sunshine during the day.

Sharon came round to re-chop my hair yesterday and I have to say I was as pleased as the first time.  Beth also came round to share the appointment and she, also, was really pleased with the results.  It's lovely not to have the fringe dangling in my eyes now.
So that's another customer Sharon has gained.  We've made the next appointment!!!

Beth and I also had a good chat about LBTL.  She's doing hers next week from Monday to Friday so there's a number of things we can't really share, fresh stuff mostly, but we are sharing rice, pasta and a few other bits and bobs.  Bless her, she said she saw those smaller bags of porridge in Lidl yesterday (I must have just looked straight past it)  so the porridge for breakfast idea is now on again!  Having had that chat, I can now prepare my definitive menu for the five days (which will get changed as I get nearer to the starting point, of course!
You'll hear quite a lot about LBTL over the next few weeks so I apologise in advance!  :-)

Tomorrow some friends arrive for a few days with me so today I will be planning meals and shopping.  I have a voucher for £10 off if I spend over £40 in Morrisons (which I am sure I will do) so that will help.  I'm planning a couple of roast dinners (chicken on Thursday and lamb on Friday) and we're eating out on Saturday.  Breakfasts will be toast with things on.  All I really have to think about is desserts and lunches.

Right, well, enough rambling - I mist go and boil my breakfast eggs and get started.  It's nearly seven o'clock and I must get going!  Have a good day, everyone.


  1. You could be right about the frost, I remember hearing on the local radio that this year was the first time since records began that there has been no frost at all for the whole month of February.
    Enjoy your Easter break, lovely to be sharing it with friends!

  2. Wonder if you meant the single serving microwave porridge? Aldi do them. However, in the name of frugality? Just buy packaged oats cheaply. You'll find they work just as well. No need to buy pre-packaged. The only difference is flake size and I'm sure Thermione would make them smaller if need be. Jx

  3. It's not that, it's the whole only having a fiver thing. You have to buy whole packets of things, you can't, say, buy 10kg of rice and cost out a cup, you have to account for the whole packet. If you need 150g of oats for the week, (purely as an example) paying 37p for 250g is acceptable (is it 250g?) but paying 77p for 500g is not... that's 30p you can't spend on something else and a load of oats you really don't want. Only things you can cost by use are herbs and things. Otherwise you have to buy a full packet.

  4. Thanks, Joan, that is really kind of you. As Beth said, one has to buy the whole pack and count it. Personally I think that's quite silly, especially as they now say you can price flour as you use it rather than the whole bag, but there you go! I feel the same about rice and pasta too - I shall be left with loads at the end of the five days, but them's the rules!

  5. I think it is 500g, Beth.

  6. Well even if tis no use for current circs, tis an idea for ordinary times and money saving the trad way. Jx

  7. It certainly is. I think that individual one with golden syrup smells absolutely wonderful! Sometimes some of my colleagues bring their breakfasts in and this makes the whole staffroom smell - well, wonderful! :-)
    J x