Saturday 12 April 2014


Good morning to a chilly Saturday but it should warm up soon and, hopefully, be as lovely as yesterday when I sat out in the garden and felt warm.  It was great although I have just realised I forgot to bring the chair in!  Oh, well!

The day didn't start off well - Lenka came round earlier than I had expected, I was still in the bath, didn't hear the door and so missed her.  Most embarrassing.  She's coming on Monday instead now.

Beth came round and we set off to B&Q to get soil for the strawberry planter she brought round.  Then she and Alex planted up baby strawberry plants she has been cultivating since last year, just for me, bless her.  They were all droopy yesterday but have perked up wonderfully well overnight.  Even if I only get two strawberries per plant, that's going to be several meals' worth, as you can see from the photo!

While she and Al were planting, I pottered around getting odd jobs done and watering some of the big pots which were rather dry.  The oregano is now in the herb bed rather than in a pot and is sending up lovely new growth, as are the three mint plants (growing, not in the herb bed).  I have some special herb 'food' so I think I will treat them to some later on today.  While we were out I bought some salvia plant plugs so I also need to get them out today and hope the weather stays OK.

The redlove apple is covered with buds this year.  It's not self pollinating so I have to pray for insects to come and do the necessary or find a friend with an apple tree who can let me have a twig or two of blossom so I can do the necessary with a paint brush.  It's going to look a picture in a week's time, that's for sure.

I love the different shades of green that you get in the Spring.  There's nothing that emphasises this more than a little bush I have (can't remember it's name) that mum gave me a couple of years back now.  It dies right back each year and then explodes into rainbows of yellow and green in the spring each year.  It's a very nice shape and very attractive.

Well, I'd better stop waffling and get on with some work as I have to be finished by nine thirty-ish.  No peace for the wicked, is there?

Diane, if you're reading, I hope you've settled in well and have already started having a good rest.

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