Tuesday 1 April 2014


My lovely old bear, Tubbalina (see below for reason for posting)

Happy April Fools' Day to all my readers.  This blog is very boring, it's an April Fool free place.  Well, I have to have somewhere: school will be overloaded with all the old classics, won't it?

Mts Clark, you've got a fly on your nose.
Mrs Clark, you've got something on your back.
Mrs Clark, your hair has turned blue . . .  (all bona fide examples)

To which the stock response is 'Oh, no, has it/do I?  What shall I do?' or similar!  I'm good at dismayed voices!  Until the irritation sets in and the more perceptive ones stop double quick!

Fortunately it is Tuesday so it will all be over by playtime when my non-contact time starts.

Yesterday was a long and very busy day.  I was extremely pleased with the way the class worked - we were doing some work in literacy, labelling the above photo of beloved old teddy bear with an adjective/noun label (or, in the case of the more able, an adjective/adjective/noun label) and they did jolly well.  I printed out the photo, cut round the bear leaving just a small bear shaped border and stuck it in the middle of a sheet of white paper and it worked very well.  Maths was good too so in the afternoon we all relaxed with some history based videos with Magic Grandad.  Such a shame to think that some of them will be obsolete when the new curriculum starts.  It is frightening how many resources will just be thrown away, including huge files of resources teachers have gathered over the years.  Frightening and very, very sad.  Ah, well, I can use the Tubbalina photo again as she (and I) just fall within the new timescale for Year 1 history.

I think I'm nuts.  I have a friend coming over this evening.  Just for a chat and I'm looking forward to it very much but I never usually have anyone over on weekdays.  I just hope I can stay awake.  Yesterday, when I got home, I sat down and went to sleep and woke about 45 minutes later . . .

Right - well, the planning is done, I just have to look over the maths and then I can have my bath and get ready.  Lots of time this morning which feels great.  And just four more days.

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