Saturday, 26 April 2014


 . . . and 'dibber to you too' do I hear you say?

I've sort of coveted a dibber for a while now.  I saw a lovely one at Hyde Hall, all shiny and metal and obviously a thing of quality as well as beauty and it showed in the price.  I could not justify spending £XX on something that just makes holes in the ground.

So I was well pleased today when I saw one in Wilkinson's.  It's not shiny, it's not metal and it certainly isn't a thing of either beauty or quality.  It's plastic and yellow and very much bottom basement.  And it cost me £1.15.  

But I bet the holes it makes will be just as good!!!!

Wilko Garden Dibber
It's yellower than this one but apart from that . . . identical.

I'm ready for the next lot of leek seedlings now, dear daughter!  :-)


  1. You'll have to be 'ready' for quite some time yet, dear Mother... given they haven't even germinated, yet!

  2. :-) Just so you know, sweetie!
    J x

  3. It will probably last a lot longer than the metal one anyway. And beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  4. Ah, the one at Hyde Hall was gorgeous. Sleek and elegant and - ridiculously expensive! This one will probably last longer, you're right!
    J x