Monday 21 April 2014


Hardening off.

Yesterday may have started off bright, dry and a bit sunshiny, but by around midday the clouds were lowering and most of the rest of the day was very wet indeed.  Such a shame for those out on holiday sprees but rather good for my garden.  I won't have to water today.
I've just glanced out of the window and, where it was sunny a short time ago, it is not cloudy and dull so I'm wondering if today will be more of the same.  We shall see!

After Mum and Dad had left I did some kitchen stuff, sorting out some of the left over food.  I have more to do today as well but it's all in hand and it won't be long before it's back to normal.  Today is getting ready for school day, essential but dull, so I guess I will be on Facebook quite a lot!  Also there's washing, ironing, cleaning, etc, to get sorted.

Better get started then.

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