Friday, 25 April 2014


Wow, what a day it was yesterday.  It was only a birthday but everyone made me feel so special.  So many cards, four and a half bottles of wine (!), rather a lot of flowers and other lovely stuff too.  I was somewhat overwhelmed by the end of the day and close to tears (happy ones, of course).

I had my birthday meal on Saturday with my lovely family so in the evening I treated myself to a take away.  Of course I ate some and was full rather quickly so guess what this evening will be - yes, you've got it in one.  Second day Chinese always tastes better, I think.

The bottles will go in the fridge for the weekend - not all of them, of course!!

Apart from that, it was a good day with me teaching my lovely class in the afternoon.  My student had them in the morning.  I find I am missing them rather a lot at the moment and it is difficult to sent them off to him when they come to me to ask things like may they go to the loo, get a drink, etc.  Me, possessive?  Surely not!  What a thought!!!

Well, Lenka is coming today and I can't let her see the kitchen in its current state so I'd better go and do something about it, hadn't I?  Thank goodness for dish washers!

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