Wednesday, 5 June 2013


Not so sunny at the moment.  Yesterday by this time it was very bright and blue skied.  Today there are high clouds and the sun hasn't broken through yet.  Fingers crossed.
Something that has broken through is one of the runner bean seeds.  Hopefully the rest won't be far behind.

Yesterday was an OK day.  Rather a lot of rehearsal and plenty of internal wibble but by 10:40 it will all be over, mistakes and all.  Then I can relax.

PPA is not going to be easy this morning.  For a start we both have to be in the hall for assembly so we will miss that time.  Then I have to go through the prayer with some of the children (because I forgot).  It's all go, isn't it?

Last night I was having seriously cold feet about living below the line next week.  I've been feeling hungry and worried for various reasons.  I KNOW I can do it - for goodness sakes, it's only five days.  Some people face it (and much worse) for a lifetime so I need to stop my internal whinging and grow up.

Better get on with my porridge then!!!

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