Tuesday, 11 June 2013


Good morning, everyone.  It's a dull, gloomy start to the day here, with rain threatening, which is very unfortunate because we have a morning of outdoor activities planned.  First of all a 'field walk' around various areas of the school grounds to look at types of plants and then after play it is supposed to be outdoor PE.  Well, that isn't likely to happen but we might get the field walk in, if it's not absolutely pouring, even if it is just to look quickly and do the rest of the work in the classroom.  Keeping my fingers crossed here.

It won't be me and A anyway - for once we have swapped our Wednesday morning PPA for Tuesday morning and it is my coordinator time after play.  Thanks goodness too, because I have an Infants Sports Day to organise!

I liked yesterday.  It all went pretty well, there were no disasters, the children behaved themselves, more or less and I didn't feel too hungry on the second day of Living Below The Line.  It's very interesting to see how different my planned meals are that Beth and Alex's.  Same ingredients, widely differing plans.  I might suggest that afterwards we share recipes with each other because I like her ideas (and she might like mine - some of them anyway).

Half an hour until school so I'd better get my top ironed and then get dressed!  I doubt they'd take too kindly to me appearing as I am right now.  Have a good day and I hope any rain that comes doesn't spoil your plans too much.

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