Sunday, 23 June 2013


Taken at Hyde Hall using the zoom., last Saturday while we were sheltering from the rain. 

Someone was definitely smiling on us yesterday.  At around 9:40 I contacted George's mum to say tell him not to worry as it's so rotten outside, but by 10:30 the sun was out and he came anyway!  Then it rained a bit more but the June fair, while not exactly wreathed in sunshine (we did get a bit) was dry and very, very well attended.  The main problem was the wind.  They'd begged and borrowed gazebos for each stall and the wind was so gusty we nearly lost ours several times and had to keep hammering in the stakes. Still, never mind - it happened, people came and stayed and spent loads and a great time was had by all.  Many congratulations and thanks to the loyal and hard-working band of very committed mums and dads who have worked incredibly hard to make it all happen so smoothly and efficiently.  You are wonderful!  You do a fantastic job.

It was a day for burning things yesterday.  I slightly singed the bread.  One could now call it very crusty.  I managed to catch the bottom of the savoury mince too, but no harm done there.  I'm dreading the day I put something on to cook and then forget and go out or something equally daft!

This morning, joy of joys, I managed to sleep until nearly seven o'clock, which is why this is comparatively late.  That was because I watched the programme about Helen Mirren followed by Calendar Girls, one of my favourite films, so I was late to bed for me!
It's a bit sunny now but not warm at all and there's a bit of a breeze going on.  Nothing like yesterday though, thank goodness!

Today is chores day (that won't take long then) followed by a bit more baking and quite a lot of sorting out of school stuff.  It'll take for ever but never mind!  So I'd better put some washing in and sort out the kitchen which is looking the worse for wear after yesterday's efforts.  It's at times like these that a maid would be a jolly good idea!

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