Sunday 30 June 2013


It's early morning, the sun is shining and the forecast is good.  Lovely!  I look forward to having the windows wide open and fresh air through the house!
Borrowed from Google
I had a lovely day in the kitchen yesterday, baking and making.  All very satisfying and fulfilling.  A shame about the other work, but never mind.  Everything gets done eventually and if it doesn't it didn't really need doing!

Today needs to be a bit busier though.  I'm going to get going as soon as I've finished this entry.  I have washing and drying, planting up tomatoes (they're getting rather big for their small pots), a kitchen floor that is in a bad way and needs at least a sweep over, a dinner to cook (not that it will be that much of a hassle) and various other bits and bobs.

I've posted a couple of recipes in TsRs, in case you're interested.  They're both reasonably frugal and tasty.
Pork, apple and sage burgers
No buttermilk soda bread

Better get started!


  1. Looks like we have both got similar plans I have copied your no buttermilk soda bread recipe as I think it will come in very handy to use up any sour milk.

  2. I think so too and I wonder why I've not thought of it before. I love soda bread and cheese. Mmmmm.
    J x

  3. Lovely to hear that you have sunshine and hope that all the tasks you have set yourself today are going well. The pork, apple and sage burgers sound absolutely wonderful! :o)
    S. xxx

  4. It's been a lovely day, thanks. Very hot.
    J x