Friday, 28 June 2013


Weren't we lucky!  It was a lovely day yesterday, albeit a bit muggy at times, and the sun shone too.  Just after the seaside children arrived back it started spitting with rain and carried on most of the evening and, looking at the ground, more or less on and off through the night too.  Never mind, the garden needed watering.
The day trippers had a wonderful time, the sketchers did a great job and all was well in our little world.

When I arrived home and logged on later, I had a little shower of emails awaiting me, from children who had accessed our new and very safe Learning Platform and replied to my email.  I rather like this - it means that I don't now have to print sheet after sheet of work for the children's  homework but can out it all on our section of the LP instead.  The children are very excited about it too.  However, I think I will offer a short session after school for any of my parents who would like me to demo how to log on and a quick tour around the pages.  I suspect some will be far more fazed about it than their children and I intend to offer a quick tutorial on How To Log On and Use The Thing for my parents after school tonight.
I just have to remember to be a little more formal in my emails than normally I would be!

Better start getting ready now!


  1. The Learning Platform sounds great and what a good idea to offer parents the chance to familiarise themselves with it. Lovely that the children like it, too. :o)
    Have a super day! S. xxx

  2. I had six turn up, which was fine. The VLP is very child friendly and the children love it!
    J x