Friday 21 June 2013


The end of another week is in sight.  Three weeks down (nearly), four to go.

I am so, so glad I went back to bed yesterday morning after another waking at stupid o'clock.  Two o'clock is not a good habit to be getting into, is it?  So at around three thirty I felt tired enough to go back upstairs and managed to sleep lightly for about another two hours or so-ish.   The consequence of that is that I was not falling asleep by seven last night and didn't feel that I HAD to get to bed before nine.  And I didn't wake with a headache either, as I usually do when I have an extra sleep.  And this morning I didn't wake properly until my usual time.  OK so my usual time is everyone else's stupidly early but that's not a problem for me!

Yesterday was another rather sticky humid day with some very heavy rain starting at lunchtime and going on until almost the end of school so there was no lunch or afternoon outside play.  And didn't they miss it too!  Poor children!  Poor me as well!

I'm totally back on track with Cheaper than Chips again now and, to encourage me along the road, I popped over to a friend's house and picked up four lots of meat and a packet of thins (a kind of cracker).  M wanted £3.00 for it, I gave her £5 and still felt I've done extremely well out of the deal (as indeed I had).
I got two 500g  packs of good quality mince, one 500h pack of chopped chicken (M and S) and eight sausages.  For convenience I am saying that each item cost £1.00 although it isn't that evenly distributed, of course.

So I intend to use up one of the packs of mince making a savoury mince this weekend with some veg, lentils, oats, chopped tomatoes and herbs.  And then I can flavour it any way I want - thinking of chilli here, of course - when I defrost each portion.  Assuming I add plenty of veg, including some frozen mixed veg, I ought to get about seven or eight portions out of it, which will make a very frugal meal or several!
I might try making it in the pressure cooker and see if it works as well as my usual long and slow simmering in the oven.  Fingers crossed.

A few days ago I noticed that a strawberry was turning red.  Several years ago now, Beth gave me a pot with four strawberry plants.  Since then they have been pretty much neglected except for watering and the occasional slug pellet, but this year, despite the damp cold weather, they have produced more fruit than ever before and it is ripening.  One of these days I will get round to harvesting the baby plants they throw off each year with gay abandon and plant them in another pot.
Today I picked the strawberry (and ate it)  while noting that several more are turning red and you know what - it was absolutely delicious, despite the lack of sun!

Today is SEN day.  Phonic screen to finish off, lots of paperwork to  catch up with, ho hum!!!  And then it's the WEEKEND!

I posted a recipe for a chicken balti (sort of) over on TsRs: here's the link.

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