Monday, 3 June 2013


 . . . and here we are at the start of the last half term of the school year.  The sun is shining, the Y6s will be departing and we have a family assembly show to prepare.  Eeeeeek!!!

Yesterday was, as anticipated, a lovely warm day.  On close investigation, we saw that the runner beans that we planted a fortnight ago are just beginning to come up at last but we planted the leftovers from school anyway.  This morning I went out to peek and - well, it appears that slugs like runner bean plants.  I didn't know that.  The pellets are now down so here's hoping the damage isn't too great!

When Beth and Alex came over we put some finishing touches to the Live Below The Line project which starts next Saturday.  We are delighted that we have £250 in donations - thank you to everyone who has given so generously.  Hopefully it will be a lot more before we have finished.  I sliced up the loaf I made yesterday and managed to get 18 slices which we have individually wrapped in easy-leave.  I have six slices which is all I have planned in and which are now in the freezer and Beth took the remaining twelve for her freezer.  Those plus another whole loaf should help keep Alex full and happy between meals!

And now I had better get ready for school.  Have a lovely day and may the sun shine on you pathway.

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