Tuesday, 4 June 2013


Another sunny morning.  None too warm yet, but yesterday was glorious and afternoon playtime duty was bliss.  I have no more morning duties this school year but I am on again this afternoon and very much looking forward to it.

It's difficult starting a new half term with a family assembly.  Normally we don't do this but ours was postponed from last half term for unavoidable reasons so it's straight in at the deep end with nags and wibbles and fraying tempers (that's me, not the children)!  I shall be thankful once tomorrow morning is over.

Beth, Alex and I are racing towards the Live Below The Line start at full pelt.  In trying to make use of the produce we have in our gardens, we want to use some rhubarb but we are not buying sugar for the challenge as we don;t use an awful lot.  Now, rhubarb without sugar is disgusting but I think I've already mentioned Beth's brainwave of using the syrup from  a can of value fruit instead.  It was hard to find value cans with anything more than 'light syrup' but yesterday Morrison's have 20p cans with 'syrup'.  I can't believe I'm looking for and buying tinned fruit in heavy syrup, not juice, but there you go!!!
Some of next week's food!  Actually, quite a lot of next week's food!!!

We're supporting the Hunger Project so if any of my gentle readers would like to donate, here's the link.  Thanks.


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