Saturday, 1 June 2013


Good morning and welcome to what looks as if it might be quite a nice Saturday.  It's a bit early to tell but the clouds are high and everything looks bright.  Fingers crossed as I'm not a good weather prophet!

Yesterday was quite a busy day, especially in the morning.  I trawled around Aldi and Lidl in search of prices and ended up getting some things for LBTL in a week's time.  When I got home I downloaded a voucher for Lidl so will be going back today to use it.  It's spend £30 get £5 off which isn't bad, I think.  Normally I would have no problems spending £30 but I really don't need that much food so I think I will stock up with non-consumables such as loo rolls and washing things - I know I will need and use those!  Beth has a few things she would like me to get too.

This week I have been knitting a little hooded jacket for the baby of the daughter of one of my friends and yesterday I finished the knitting part while watching some rubbish telly.  Now all I have to do is press it out and sew everything together which shouldn't take too long.  It will look cute, I think.  Then, after that, I need to start another, probably the same, for another grandchild of a friend, not born yet so I do have plenty of time.

Today I also plan to make bread and wraps and generally plan out the new week's eating and so on.  Apart from that it's the dreaded reports, of course.  And George is coming, I sincerely hope.  With the rain and the milder temperatures everything is lush and green, including the weeds!

No chance to be idle today!


  1. I have been delighted with the things I have purchased from Aldi the only thing I didn't like was their crisps so that is no great loss as I shouldn't be eating them anyway. Sadly the same cannot be said for their dark chocolate with hazel nuts which is completely addictive and has to be rationed.

  2. No chocolate on the list today though! ;-)
    J x