Thursday, 13 June 2013


What a dull, dreary week it has been.  We've had very little sun.  Yesterday there was rain in the air all day but it didn't come to anything until the evening when the wind got up and the rain landed.  Today it is still dull and breezy, but no rain - yet.  Here's a photo to brighten things up a little bit.

Yesterday and today I have my class all day - so lovely!  We had time in the computer suite, time to paint and 'activate' (i.e. have a choice of activities out) in the afternoon, we did a standardised maths test in the morning - it was all great, even the test as they're at the age where they like this sort of thing.

Today is just an ordinary day with nothing exciting going on.  Just normal stuff done in a normal way, I sincerely hope!

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